Is Apple getting closer to a post-Jobsian voice?

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Apple has always been about empowering and enabling the individual (all the way back to 1984). And, as stated previously, always about being the company that made it possible and easy, compared to the Microsofts and IBMs who made it hard and exclusive.

These spots get back to that somewhat. iPhone users can accomplish amazing things. iPhone users are creative and innovative. iPhone users are improve-the-world-and-their-lives-kinds-of- people.


Orange is the New Black, a perfect brand for user generated images

A submission by Maria Giorgi to Netflix's user generated contest.

Today hashtags, consumer blogs, and network sites make TV a full blown social and community experience. So it’s no surprise that Orange is the New Black has invited fans to create art work for an upcoming campaign.What is surprising is how good and simple some of the entries have been.