Waders Wage War, a sonnet

Photo by Craig Dilger, hope he doesn't mind. After all, his images inspired this sonnet.

Thought I’d share this fun sonnet that my wife Barbara just wrote in response to the “shortage” of feathers for fly fishermen. As you may know from pieces in the NY Times, the Huffington Post, or simply from a visit to your salon, it’s the latest hair fashion trend.

Something a little different here for summer and vacation. Hope you like it.

Sonnet: Waders Wage War

by Barbara Boches

Fly fishermen are reeling now that anglers

must angle for feathers being sold

up the river to salons. Hackles raised

on roosters, meant for biting waters,

will float in streams of streaked, New York ‘dos.

The balding heads in hip boots must battle

blonds in Blahniks, while feather prices rise

as fast as creeks in spring and supplies settle

like stones. As salons and fly stores cry, More!

the rooster farmers cast their votes to breed

(or not) more males with long feathers.  But who

can tell if fashion mavens will continue to lure

women to buy feathers or if the fad will fade

faster than a fashionista says cock-a-doodle-do?


photo “borrowed” from NY Times. Image by Craig Dilger. Hope he doesn’t mind.


We're all casting for inspiration. I often find mine waist deep in a river waving a stick. Perhaps it will raise a few hackles if I suggest that fly fishermen strip the birds on Broadway of their feathery frocks while dashing for the evening hatch.


Very nice sonnet! but is that Petrarchian or Spencerian? Or simply Barbarian? LOL

edwardboches moderator

If I could whip off little ditties like this in the 20 minutes it took Barbara to write, I'd be in a different business.