Twitter #Follow Friday: now in a blog post

Last week Chris Brogan and I agreed to reduce excess “pollution” in the stream by publishing our #followfriday suggestions in a blog post instead of on Twitter.

It’s an idea originated by Seth Simonds a year or so ago, and one that I even started here about the same time, but I never committed and it never caught on.

In some ways the stream makes it faster and easier, but in a post you can add some reasoning behind your recommendations.  A list of nothing but names, representing people you don’t know and content that may or may not be of interest doesn’t always serve the purspose.

Anyway, I had also promised all my new “digital” friends at Boulder Digital Works that I would share a list of people they should follow to stay caught up, so here goes.

Clay Shirky

On Twitter as @cshirky.  He may not be that active on Twitter, but if you want a sense of what the Internet means to culture, community and people, you really do need to devour his Internet writings.  Follow him anyway, and you’ll stay aware of what he’s writing about.

BBH Labs

On Twitter as @bbhlabs. Assuming that most of you are in the communication and marketing business, Ben Malbon and Mel Exon are among the best sharers of links, ideas and other cool things that are happening in the digital space.

Faris Yakob

On Twitter as @faris. Faris is one smart guy.  Check out his recent talk at MIMA and also his blog.  If you add him to your Tweetdeck you’ll often find interesting links, commentary and, of course, interaction with others that he follows.  Always a good way to serendipitously discover others you might be interested it.

Mike Arauz

On Twitter as @mikearauz.  A strategist at Undercurrent, Mike is another great source of interesting content, some serious and thoughtful, some just fun.  As his bio says, he’s from the Internet.  He gets how it works, how people use it and what marketers can do with it.

Stuart Foster

On Twitter as @stuartfoster. One of Mullen’s social strategists, Stuart discovers stuff before anyone else.  He knows as much about social trends, platforms and new technologies as anyone and posts it daily.  Prepare to be overwhelmed.

Rob Schwartz

On Twitter as @schwartzie14. He also blogs at Metal Potential. The chief creative TBWA Chiat/Day, Rob is one of the old school advertising creatives who is rapidly embracing social media and its potential.  His blog is a great filter for cool creative ideas from all over the world.

Obviously you should be following everyone who spoke at BDW this week, but I am assuming that if you were there that you’ve already added them to your Tweetdeck.  I could add more, but if I do it will take some of the fun away of discovering them yourselves.

Plus if I remain diligent at this, I’ll need to have others to post next Friday.

Enjoy, learn, share.  And, if you have others you recommend, please post in the comment section.  See you out there.

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thanks brother! wonderful company to keep/ FX


I couldn't agree more.

I am a thankful person, but it is tough to thank everyone you follow for their content. It is also tough to thank those who thank you. Can you imagine if it was customary to thank those who thanked you for thanking them?

Posting suggested follows on a blog is a terrific idea. This way you are able to explain why the person is a suggested follow in more than 140 characters. Those such as yourself Edward must be flooded when #FF comes around each week. I commend you for doing this. I have a feeling we will continue to flood and be flooded though.

I plan on spreading my thank you tweets out. Why must we wait until Friday to thank or suggest a person to follow? Do the hashtags work? Who follows the #FF hashtag? How about #MarketerMonday tag (which is 15 characters... ouch!)?

I follow people if they have rich content that is insightful, not because they were part of a laundry list on Follow Friday. I also don't follow someone because they decide to follow me. It seems fake in some ways to follow more than a few hundred people. At what point does it become impossible to interact? read/listen? I have many lists and I am able to arrange tweeters by content.

.-= Dan´s last blog ..DeutschLA creates #DRPepper #IronMan2 ad featuring #StanLee and new hero, the vending machine. =-.

edward boches
edward boches

It's always flattering to be recommended by someone, however #FF without any reason why or info about the person and her content doesn't serve as much purpose as if you actually provide some information. I will try and do that, or a variation of it, once a week or so.