The joy of teaching

This video showed up unexpectedly in my email today, courtesy of the talented Nicholas Todd who produces content for Boulder Digital Works.

It was perfect timing. Right now I’m in the midst of planning BDW’s August sessions, and to be honest, having a bit of a hard time getting pumped up to do one of these in the middle of summer. But then I watched this and got excited all over again. Reminded me of why it’s both inspiring and rewarding to gather with people you admire and respect and do something of value.

Some of my favorite lines and sentiments shared by my cohorts.

Seek out the people you don’t agree with. Find the rich mix of people on the fringes. They’ll get you there faster.

Gareth Kay
Director of Brand Strategy
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

This (digital) is new for all of us. There’s no textbook for it. As much as I enjoy teaching, I learn as much from the folks attending.

Scott Prindle
V.P./Executive Creative Technology Director

It challenges what I assume is the truth and what I think I know.

Kim Laama
Creative Director, AKQA

Hang out with people in real life (not just on Twitter and each other’s blogs.)

Tim Malbon
Founder, Made by Many

We all know the line. Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. And those who can’t teach, teach gym.

But here, we teach, we learn, we share, we connect, we even make stuff. A couple of us even get to do a little bouldering under the watchful eye of John Winsor. And at the end of the day, as you’d expect from modern Mad Men, we enjoy a quiet, civilized, alcohol-free evening. (I have to say that for legal purposes.)

Anyway, hope you’ll join us for our August sessions. You can register here.

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I love your attitude in sharing such information as long as you have, you do a good job in this video and I'm impress the content. Lots of inspiration actually, all the lines and sentiments are very meaningful. Thanks for being generous in sharing information that we haven't yet known ever since. Keep on sharing!


I love the video, lots of inspiration and lessons to learn. I love this one "Hang out with people in real life (not just on Twitter and each other’s blogs.)" Hang out with other people not just in the twitter and facebook but also in reality. Thanks for this great video.


I liked this "It challenges what I assume is the truth and what I think I know." as this happens to me every day. What a great time to be alive!

Howie Goldfarb
Howie Goldfarb

See. Total perfect timing. Exactly why I thought of my friend at NuVu and the work you do. We can never be too arrogant to not help the next generation out of fear. It is a sign of weakness and failure if we try to do so. We forget we need this. Not just Advertising. The world needs us older role models to encourage and help and mentor those who come after us, and as a resource for our businesses because we need the talent and not later we need it now. Wonderful clip Edward.


I find it interesting that a video about BDW ends on a comment about the importance of “real life” communication; a nice reminder that we still need to observe and interact offline in order to create and innovate online.

edwardboches moderator

@joebertino True. What is interesting also is that social connection leads to real life connection. Just as inevitable social behavior and advocacy -- from individuals and perhaps inspired or enabled by brands -- might lead to positive behaviors and actions that benefit people in real life. We can't live entirely online.


@edwardboches Yes, and this is exactly why I can't wait to meet more of my twitter friends in real life. We already share social and interest overlap, now it's just figuring out a way to nail location (which is why I suspect the BDW sessions are such a success).