The Beancast with Bob Knorpp, Sheila Dougherty, Ty Montague and Joseph Jaffe

If you’ve never listened to the Beancast, you should check it out some time. Bob Knorpp takes the time and makes the effort to put on one of the best marketing podcasts out there. He attracts smart guests, does his research, and keeps the conversation going on his weekly show, usually posted late Sunday night or early Monday.

This week I had the pleasure of joining Bob, Ad Age’s Sheila Dougherty, Co:’s Ty Montague and Powered’s Joe Jaffe to talk about everything from Black Friday to Miller/Coor’s entry into the craft beer category, the imminent demise of Blockbuster, and the value of Hulu to advertisers.

At least that was the formal agenda. But in the midst of the conversation we covered new retail technologies, the importance of story telling, how shopping experiences are as influential as sales and discounts, word-of-mouth marketing, and the importance of foresight.

Yes, a 60-minute podcast is long in an age of Twitter, sound bites and brevity, but Joe’s actually funny in a couple of places, Ty’s eminently thoughtful, and Sheila is on top of everything going on. Have a listen. You can download or subscribe.