Teaching the new creators, innovators, strategists and hackers

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This spring 25 students will re-invent the Nissan brand* with the creation of a new sustainable product line. A few weeks later they’ll help the city of Boston improve its efforts to attract consumer-focused startup companies to its budding Innovation District. And right after that they’ll create something entirely original – a program, a community, a product, or a company – and plan a way to introduce it. Oh, right, they’ll also launch their personal blog and get their online presence firmly established.

That’s what we’re doing starting next week in Strategic Creative Development, one of three classes I’m teaching this spring at Boston University’s College of Communication.

Thought I’d share the syllabus. Got any thoughts on how to educate the next generation of advertising creators, makers, strategists and hackers?  Let me know.

*Thank you D&AD for the brief.


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Sounds amazing.  My 2 biggest thoughts:


1) Love that one of the blog post assignments is to market yourself online.  I think a lot of people underestimate the power of online networking/ think they know what they're doing but are actually doing it wrong.  I think it's very possible that might be the single most beneficial thing they'll take away from this class as far as "real world" application goes.  Maybe require them to link their Twitters with their Lore to further establish an online presence.


2) You mention UX in the very beginning of the syllabus but don't bring it back up again in terms of any assignments.  Per some of the conversations we had last semester about UX, I think it would be helpful to incorporate that into a blog post or maybe even make it the fourth major project.


Oh, and ... 3) Can I come back and take the class again?  :)


 @kateworthey 1)  Agree about importance of online branding. What I think could be interesting would be to have students deliver individual standups at the end of the semester of the brand they chose to deliver to the class, successes and failures, and learnings to implement when class is over.Rough Example:1) I'm really interested in entrepreneurialism, specifically in the mobile so I built all my posts around those subjects. Example, blog post A is about ...2) One failure I had was that no one read my first post on X - the reason why is because...As a result, on my next post I chose to cover Y from this angle. It was so popular it got 250 hits on the first day, was tweeted out 20 times and was even shared by Chris Brogan.3) My plans going forward are to continue writing about X, Y and Z because... 2) Looks like UX is the whole point of Nissan assignment. UX could incorporated into the projects though if a component of the campaign requires it. For example, if you choose to make a mobile app - don't just say you want to build a mobile app and what it does - sketch out the experience - the same way you create a story board for a TV spot, you should create a story board for your app/website etc. It shouldn't just be about what you want the user to accomplish but the journey you want them to take to get there.3) Agreed.Read more: http://edwardboches.com/teaching-the-new-creators-innovators-strategists-and-hackers#ixzz2HFoJHLZW