SxSW panels from Mullen and friends: hope you’ll vote and comment

It’s that time of year again. When we start thinking about Austin and ribs and digital friends and panel nerd badges. But first, we have to take care of business and do our job influencing, or at least commenting on, the submitted panels and talks.

Granted there is no shortage of great panels up at SxSWi this voting season. In fact there are more than I’ve had the time to plow through. So, just in case you’re in the same over extended situation, I thought I’d share a few that Mullen colleagues and I have either submitted or been invited to join in hopes that they meet with your approval and ultimate vote. Of course, in the spirit of honest engagement, don’t vote for anything you wouldn’t actually want to attend. I’m not a big fan of the popularity contest approach to anything.

Ad Agencies Need A New Mindset To Survive

Submitted by me:  read more and vote

If the advertising agency is to survive in an era when the reigns of media have been transferred from a few professionals to 2 billion individuals, it will have to revamp its entire way of thinking. The mindset will have to shift from thinking about target audiences to communities. Strategy will require more insight about a consumer’s relationship to media and technology rather than just how she feels about the brand. The team will change entirely to include production, mobile, and experience design in addition to art and copy. And the consumer will play an active, rather than passive role, in the creation and sharing of everything. What does an ad agency have to do to survive? What are the practices it must unlearn? What new skills will it require? This panel, comprised of agency leaders, each in a different stage of evolution, will explore the challenges and offer ideas.

Radian6 and Mullen Hijack the Superbowl

Submitted by Christian Madden: read more and vote

In 2010 (and again in 2011) Mullen and Radian 6 turned the Superbowl, an old media event, into a new media event. With a simple website, a hashtag, and real time sentiment analysis, analyzed Twitter conversation to rate the game’s commercials in real time.  Find out how sentiment analysis can fuel a creative idea and how an analog event can be converted into a digital experience. It’s a model that anyone can replicate.

Augmented Reality and the Launch of the Olympus Pen

Submitted by Michael Bourne: read more and vote

Augmented reality usually sucks. But this example is pretty good, (note it was done by Mullen). The agency, Total Immersion and Wired collaborated to create and run the first ever augmented reality camera demo. What were the challenges in creating a fully functional “digital” digital camera that shot videos and still images using a computer webcam and what did WIRED learn in the process of activating the creative in its first iPad edition? Interested?  Give this panel a vote.

Beyond Mad Men: Are Traditional Agencies Dead?

submitted by Ross Kimbarovsky: read more and vote

This is a great topic. The old models are dying fast. If you don’t believe it just look at newspapers, magazines, and any of the traditional media (though it appears TV numbers are still up.) There are too many options for marketers and advertisers to be found, to engage, to generate and own their own content and to sell. There are also new options for how to source ideas, talent and crowd participation. Social media and crowdsourcing work hand in hand leading the change. We still don’t know the real impact of either as no one can predict the future. But it appears after a brief year or two of argument and debate that they are both here to stay. So you can fight it or embrace it. Hoping this gets in.

Agency Structure: Where Do We Fit New Creatives?

Submitted by Rachel Mercer, VCU: read more and vote

The students at VCU brand center have invited me and Ben Malbon to join this panel.  As I’m a huge supporter of the 20-something crowd, I had to say yes.  Plus we need to hear the new voices coming up.  In their words “As new technology continues to intimidate unprepared agencies, this panel will bring together industry powerhouses to discuss the value of being agile in a changing media and social ecosystem.”

Generation C (for content): Changing the future of business forever

Submitted by Sherry Lowry: read more and vote

Forget about Gen X and Gen Y, it’s all about Gen C — the Content Generation. Business is changing and content is becoming king. Gen C understands this; Gen C is both audience and media, focused on creating, sharing and participating, versus promoting, interrupting and selling. Best of all, Gen C isn’t defined by age but by ideas — it’s 20-somethings working alongside 70-somethings. (Yup, we’ll have some on this panel.)  Leading edge companies know it’s about collaborating, not competing, and Generation C brings that to the table. During this inter-generational panel, you’ll learn why age matters less and content is the new currency.

Some others I hope get in

Ladies Claim Digital Strategy is the New Creativity

Submitted by Ana Andjelic: read more and vote

Fear and the art of creation

Submitted by Jonathan Fields: read more and vote

Are thinkers and makers mutually exclusive?

Submitted by Trevor Eld of R/GA: read more and vote

Community Thunderdome, Branded vs Unbranded: You Decide

Submitted by Mike Arauz:  read more and vote

The power of what we won’t wear

Submitted by Heidi Hackemer: read more and vote

Panel about nothing (that you don’t care about)

Submitted by Mike Schneider: read more and vote

This one is really interesting. Live, real time, interactive, audience decides on the topic.

For other recommendations you can read what BBHLabs has to say (they have some great panels, too) and also consider Mike Arauz’s recommendations. See you in Austin.

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I love your point: "The mindset will have to shift from thinking about target audiences to communities".

I frankly thing that brands/companies have only surfaced the value of social media an engagement looking at it like one big thing, with social media monitoring tools made like search engines.

It's time for brand to come back to strategy and focus on who matters....even when it comes to analysing the power of superbowl ads ;-).

Best and thanks for this great article