Surround yourself with people who give you energy

When John Winsor talks I usually listen

Yesterday I had yet another invigorating conversation with John Winsor, founder or Victor & Spoils, committed co-creationist, and author of Flipped.

John and I seem to feed off of one another’s passion and ideas.  We rarely have a conversation that doesn’t leave us each energized and thinking about new possibilities.

In fact, John called when I was at mile 45 of a 60-mile ride. I usually don’t take calls from anyone but my wife or kids when I’m screaming along a country road. But when my mobile screen said it was John on the line, I pulled over, unclipped and welcomed the interruption.

As far as I’m concerned there are only two kinds of people in business: those you want to avoid, and those with whom you want to surround yourself.  The former sucks energy out of you by complaining, criticizing and making excuses.  The latter infuses your imagination with fresh thinking, interesting ideas, and a contagious enthusiasm for what’s possible.

John ranks high among the latter. While he has chosen to leave the traditional advertising agency environment in an attempt to invent the new one, he rarely wastes time condemning the past, instead celebrating the potential of what’s next.  He may be determined to change the business from outside a mainstream agency, but he never fails to encourage my efforts to change it from within.  He gleefully shares his plans, solicits mine, and turns every conversation into a productive exchange about how to do things better.

Ten minutes without pedaling should have slowed my heart rate significantly.  Instead, after listening to John’s excitement about his newest investor, the continued momentum of Victors & Spoils, and the knowledge he’d gathered about crowdsourcing platforms and co-creation technology (which, by the way he willingly agreed to send me in support of a project I’m trying to get underway) I found myself even more pumped up.

I think one of the greatest things about the new digital platforms that let us connect, share, discover and expand our tribes is that we can find sources of inspiration anywhere.

If the person in the cubicle next to you is a downer, if the colleague across the lunch table likes to complain, blow them off.  Get out here among the passionate, energized, enthusiastic people who believe the possibilities are endless.  You can always start with @jtwinsor.

Who injects you with energy and ideas?  Introduce me to him or her.