Stealing an idea from @sethsimonds and moving #followfriday here.

I have to admit I agree with Seth that #followfriday has lost some of its usefulness.  The problem as Seth relates it is simply that too many people string together a list of names in hope that those same people might reciprocate.  For me the challenge is that names alone don’t give me a reason to follow anyone, even if the person is recommended by someone whose opinion I value.

Typically I’ve tried to post my FF’s with at least some soundbite as to who the person is and why you might be interested. But this week I’m trying something different and posting my recommendations here.  It’s more work than making a simple list of names, and it may be visible to fewer people, but it’s less about quantity and more about quality.

So, here are a few of my suggestions, supported by something more than a hashtag

This 24 year-old self-made social media consultant may not have a depth of marketing or branding experience, but he knows as much about social bookmarking as anyone.  His Lost Jacket blog is on the Ad Age 150 and got there just seven months after launch.  And given that he probably reads 400 blogs a day (based on his prolific comments) chances are he’s got all kind of information you might find useful

A sister IPG agency, this perennial digital agency of the year, creator of Nike Plus, doesn’t do much social, or I should say, they don’t do much socializing – their feed shows little or no conversation or dialog – but it constantly posts links to useful and interesting content. Ironic that this digitally-centric agency uses Twitter as a broadcast medium, but still, given that it’s R/GA, you’ll find their feed a pretty good filter.

He doesn’t have a lot of followers, so you can get in on the ground floor.  But I suspect that eventually a lot of people will follow Dylan Klymenko.  A recent (last year) graduate of Emerson College, he’s one of the 100 creative folks who qualified for Ford’s Fiesta Movement.  (He just squeeked in as the first alternate.)  Here’s his qualifying video and his website and blog.

Erik Proulx has made helping, advising and encouraging the many unemployed advertising folks out there his cause.  His blog, Please Feed the Animals, shares job opportunities ideas for freelancing, helps people network, and soon will produce a documentary about ad industry victims who have changed their lives, found new opportunities and gone on to do something more amazing than making a tv commercial.

Finally, you should obviously be following @sethsimonds.  Then again, given how many followers he has, chances are you already are.

So, those are my four suggestions for this week.  Got any you’d like to share?  If so, a minimum paragraph as to why is required.  Thanks for reading.

Stuart Foster
Stuart Foster

Not gonna lie...that instinctual comment definitely hit home. So true with a lot of people I know.

Stuart Foster’s last blog post..Social Media How To: Explain to People What You Do

edward boches
edward boches

I have no doubt. You know more than most. What I find impressive is that there is a new generation of people just starting out in this business who are so far ahead of previous generations it's scary. Not only do they know the technology, and use it for themselves, they have an almost instinctive sense of how to apply it for brands and marketers.

Stuart Foster
Stuart Foster

Thanks for the recommendation Edward. I'm gaining on the marketing/branding expertise everyday. I'm also now devouring/analyzing packaging yourself for businesses as well (Hoping to add 5-6 blogs on that today). Looking forward to a substantial fun workload next week :).

Stuart Foster’s last blog post..I’m Kind of a Big Deal. People Know Me.

Erik Proulx
Erik Proulx

Thank you for that thoughtful #followfriday recommendation. It's true, 140 characters aren't enough to allow for explanation. I've never clicked on a single recco from anyone who crams as many @names as possible into one tweet. Yet, asking people to make an extra click could also present its own barrier. I'm very interested to see what kind of response you get to this format, as it's something I've struggled with myself. And thanks again for the kind words.

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