Hire me to speak

I speak regularly at universities, industry events, and corporate functions on topics that include social media, consumer trends, transforming an organization, staying relevant, and working with Gen Y. People tell me they like my presentations and sometimes they even say nice things about them.  Like these folks.

D. Hugo Malan

SVP and President, Fitness and Sporting Goods, Sears Holding

“I have heard Edward Boches speak on several occasions, and have gained startling new insights into social media every time. He is one of the clearest thinkers on the topic – and fortunately, also one of the most articulate & entertaining.”

Tim Brunelle

President, Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association

“It’s difficult to find speakers who can energize audiences as well as they can inspire change. Edward Boches is one of the few. We were thrilled to host Edward during the third year of the Conversations About The Future Of Advertising speaker-series in Minneapolis. Edward brought us a customized presentation filled with keen insights and contagious energy. As a conference host, I appreciated Edward’s flexibility and professionalism. He even brought a robot! Our audience continues to mentioned Edward’s presentation as one of our best.”

Nick Pipitone

President, Milwaukee Adworkers

“Frankly, Edward’s presentation to the Milwaukee Adworkers was one of the most successful events we have ever had. Edward offers a truly unique perspective, being a “traditional” creative who has an incredible command of all things social media. He brought those two worlds together seamlessly. People left enthusiastic, inspired and invigorated. And Edward was gracious in hanging out, talking to people and answering questions. Can’t wait to have him back.”

Bruna Maia and Lauren Prince

Creators of  TEDxBU

“Without a doubt, Edward Boches’ talk was one of the most talked about after the event had ended. His creativity in explaining how the different generations can connect through the common thread of communication was riveting. His unique presentation style captured the imagination of the audience, as he provided us with insight as to how quickly and innovatively communication has changed from the mid 20th century to today’s world of FourSquare, Twitter, and YouTube. His passion for the topic was contagious, and has surely become a hit on the BU campus! Several students have expressed an interest in bringing him to campus again—and soon—to further discuss the future of social networking and the creative industry.

Andy Gould

AMIN Worldwide

“Edward was enthusiastic, inspiring and just plain fun to listen to. Peppered with personal anecdotes and other real-life examples, his presentation on redefining creativity in the age of social media got rave reviews and was the perfect keynote for our conference. I know I wasn’t the only one who wished Edward could’ve spoken for a couple more hours.”