Here are some slides from some of the presentations I’ve given. Feel free to use, steal, re-purpose or leave comments that might make them better.  Thanks.

Courage, Collaboration, Creativity: Or how to succeed in the world of PR and advertising.

20 Tips for Developing a Creative Portfolio 


Harvesting Consumer Intent from the Social Web: SxSW 2012 

 Welcome to Strategic Creative Development: Class at Boston University #BUSCD

 The End of Us and Them:  SI Newhouse Innovation Speaker Series

Introduction to Boulder Digital Works’ Making Digital Work Workshop, December 2010

Presentation to Start-Up Companies for Ad Club of Boston, October 2010

Presentation at Planningness, Brooklyn, NY, Fall 2010


Presentation to Boulder Digital Works, August, 2010

Presentation at Social Media Breakfast, Boston, May 2010

The Future of Advertising, Presented to Minneapolis Interactive Marketing Association, February 2010