My favorite talks from Zeitgeist 11

I feel very fortunate to be among the 400 people invited to attend Google’s Zeitgeist 11.  So many great talks and genuinely inspiring ideas. Here are a few of my favorites.

The brilliant Robert Reich on us and them. He talks about why we can’t (or won’t) solve unemployment or address poverty among families with children. Reason? Us and them. They are not one of us. They are not in our community of concern. They are not people with whom we share interdependency. Too bad he’s not running the country.


You may never have heard of Jean-Philippe Vergne, Professor, R. Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario. But he will give you an entirely new perspective on the value of inviting your users, customers, community into the creation of your brand and company. He argues that pirates and hackers actually make things better. Those in control not so much.


And finally, this  young dude, Adam Braun. It’s not so much that he took up a cause, though he did. Or that he built 40 schools around the world, though he did. Rather it’s the idea that he has re-defined not-for-profit, labeling it “for-purpose,” and applying for profit principles and practices to Pencils of Promise.

There were many other great speakers and endless conversations about possibilities.  You can find more of them on the Zeitgeist YouTube page.  If you want to be totally blown away, watch some of the young minds talk about what they’re up to. You’ll either think you wasted your youth entirely, or that you better get on your kids’ asses real soon. If you’re a news junkie, check out Koppel and Ariana going at it(gently but still) in this panel conducted by New Yorker editor Nicholas Thompson.

Thanks to Google for sharing all of this content with those of us who attended and the many more who didn’t. Watch. Learn.  Be inspired.


Stephanie Barnes
Stephanie Barnes

That's really inspiring.God is really amazing in his will.No matter who you would be,the important is to share the blessings that was given to us.You really inspired me.Keep the good work up!

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This is absolutely amazing and inspiring. People think all the time they are just one person and can't do anything to help, but this proves them wrong. I truly believe God is working wonders in this movement. Just the way Justin came into Scooter's life which connects him to Adam to help this movement. It is beautiful and I really believe this positivity and passion well help the world grow in the direction that is so stunning. I can't wait to see where we end up!

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I haven't yet had time to watch the last two videos, but Robert Reich's talk was exceptional. Thanks for posting it.