Mont Blanc crowdsources beauty by the second

A lot of crowdsourced or co-created projects yield questionable results. But there seems to be a new formula that works pretty well. Short snippets of film edited into something wonderful by a talented curator/editor. We saw the first big example of this with Ridley Scott’s Life in a Day.  And this week we see another great effort from Mont Blanc to celebrate its 190th anniversary.

To honor Nicolas Rieussac’s invention of the chronograph – he recorded time to a fifth of a second in 1821 – Mont Blanc has challenged image makers to capture beauty in a single second of a film. Participants choose their favorite 60, each of which becomes part of a short film and qualifies to be chosen as the single best one-second video by director Wim Wenders. Hard to imagine that one one-second film can be the best, but someone’s got to win.

There’s also an opportunity to craft your own playlist of other people’s videos and be recognized for your visual prowess even if you choose not to submit.

Is this a good idea? I think so for a host of reasons.

  • It’s a perfectly relevant idea. The beauty of a second. What better way to call attention to the chronograph?
  • It’s remarkable easy to enter. Simply upload a film from a computer or mobile device.
  • The prize is great: a trip to Berlin and a new Mont Blanc chronograph.
  • The finished films that feature the top 60 seconds become something you can send to your friends with appropriate bragging rights.
  • Mont Blanc generates a piece of content they probably couldn’t create themselves.
  • And finally, the participants become a bit of a media channel, sharing and passing the videos around the web.
  • Best of all, when you take a look at the first film, it lives up to the idea that a single second is plenty long enough to convey beauty.

Now if only the website weren’t, as Boing Boing called it, an obnoxious blob of flash.

Howie Goldfarb
Howie Goldfarb

This kind of proves that crowd sourcing is not for every concept or strategy but for some it fits perfectly! I really like this concept thank you for sharing it Edward.