Initial Progress and some Ideas: a ladder, a cause, a brand or an experiment?

It was less than a week ago that the Christmas Ladder went public.  It started with a picture on my Facebook page, quickly became a fan page on the popular social network, and in a matter of days attracted 30 new fans from across the country.   Some have already agreed to put up their own Christmas Ladder in 2009.  Unfortunately, we started this project a little close to the holidays this year, which limited the amount of time we had to get the word out and build support.  However, we already have ideas for how to keep the momentum going between now and next year’s holiday season.   First, we have started to identify agents for the book.  Not the easiest of tasks, as there are a lot of rules and procedures.  Secondly, we are recruiting art directors to create their interpretations of the ladder, which we hope to publish more of here.  And we’re in the early stages of determining what our brand should stand for the rest of the year.  Are we in the Christmas business?  Or the creativity business?  Is this about preserving the environment?  Saving money by being more do-it-yourself?  Generating awareness for asthma causes?  Or simply an experiment in the ability of an individual to use the web to build an audience?  Help us decide.  What would you like to see the Christmas Ladder become?

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Agree with you on the interpretation idea. Lots of ideas so far, but haven't executed them yet. Thinking of a nursery with ladder tops sprouting out of the ground. A Christmas Tree truck delivering ladders. The decorated ladder in place of the Eiffel Tower or Rockefeller Center. Attending Obama's inauguration. If you have ideas and or executions, send them along. Hope is to build enough attention so that when the digital book is done, there will be demand for it.


What a great story...and idea!
I happen to be an Art Director with a lot of unexpected time on my hands....
What kinds of thoughts are you looking for?
I think you could go a few ways...... but different artists/ADs interpreting their own ladder seems like it would provide TONS of versions! And a portion of proceeds going towards an Asthma charity/research a natural. It being Green (to me) is just a wonderful added benefit!