Hope you’ll join us for Brand Bowl 2011

Once again Brand Bowl will invite everyone across the Twittersphere to join in critiquing Superbowl ads

Brand Bowl 2011 launches today with a pre-game site showing last year’s winners and spots. The official game site goes live on Friday, Feburary 4.

For the last couple of years Mullen has invited anyone with an opinion about advertising to join us on Super Bowl Sunday for a Brand Bowl, a Twitter based social media party to celebrate or condemn traditional TV advertising.

For despite all the growth of social media, user generated content, conversation marketing and the mega-force known as Facebook, we still like a good TV commercial.

Two years ago we served up Trash Talk from the Twitter Section. It was an early, if not rudimentary, effort to tap into Twitter. And it was pretty successful in that it introduced an awful lot of Adland to the new frontier of social media. (Hard to believe now, but back then there weren’t very many advertising agencies, or advertisers for that matter, embracing either Twitter or SoMe. We actually had to create an instruction manual on how to use Twitter.)

Last year Mullen launched Brandbowl2010, taking the experience up a notch thanks to our partner Radian 6, who added real time analytics so we could actually rate the commercials for sentiment and frequency of mention. More than 10,000 people chimed in. We analyzed over 100,000 tweets. And Brandbowl remained a trending topic for virtually all of the game.

For 2011, we’re being even more ambitious. Once again Radian 6 will still provide the math and our friends at Hulu will feed us the commercials as they become available. But the big news is that Boston.com, the The Boston Globe’s online site, has agreed to host the site and help promote it. That, of course, could make Brandbowl huge.

Brandbowl2011.com is mobile friendly for our sport bar viewers

For fun we’ve also thrown up a Brand Bowl YouTube channel so you can add your video predictions, show off your Superbowl party, or upload anything you want to be included on the channel. If it’s really good – entertaining, funny, original, parody – we’ll include it on the site itself.

Here’s how Brandbowl works. The stream appearing on Brandbowl2011.com displays tweets that are posted from the main site, or our new mobile version, along with any tweet that includes the hashtag #brandbowl. If you tweet from Brandbowl2011.com the site automatically includes the hashtag for you.

The rankings, however, represent an assessment of every Superbowl ad-related tweet, whether it included the hashtag or not. As long as a tweet mentions a brand that’s advertising on the game, or refers to its specific commercial, we can include it in our analysis, thanks to both a pre-game and in-game compilation of relevant keywords that we determine refer to the advertising.

No doubt there will be other social Super Bowl experiences. Some of the ads themselves will have social aspects to them. But we hope you’ll join us on Brandbowl2011.com. It is, after all, the original Super Bowl social media party.

Howie Goldfarb
Howie Goldfarb

I feel like the pig in the back seat in the Geico commercial being first to comment. This is amazingly cool. I remember reading and hearing about the Brandbowl last year but for some reason I didn't 'Get It' or had it explained properly. I also probably only recently connected/discovered you via the Beancast which I think I started listening to around Thanksgiving 09.

This is really impressive Edward. In fact I have been complaining that last year I got a bit tired of every single blogger and trade pub discussing the best and worse spots for the 2 weeks after. To me this replaces it all. To see this live, participate in it, and then see the outcome fills every nook and cranny. Post the data and I can just delete every pundit who has a view because to me I want to know what moves the masses. Being an ROI guy this proves success and failure. Yes I have spouted enough about great work not selling at the check out stand. But this is the one free pass where enough chatter can show me enough pay back just in free media exposure to be worth it. Even if the spot doesn't help sell a dime extra product. The best spots easily get millions if not tens of millions of free media exposure after the Superbowl. That is an exponential expansion of your marketing spend at no extra dollar!

Can't wait for Brandbowl 2011!

edwardboches moderator

@HowieG Howie, Thanks. It should be fun. Hoping for some great interaction and some really good data to share after the fact.