Hope, Determination, Creativity and the Possibilities

Well it won’t be long before memories of Christmas are just that and it will be a lot tougher to keep people interested in the ladder if it’s only about a once-a-year holiday. However, any good brand has core values that extend beyond an initial product or application.  More importantly some of those values should be defined by readers of this Journal and fans of the Ladder.  Reaction — in the form of comments, emails and web postings — confirms that for the Christmas ladder, those values are hope, determination, creativity and a belief in the possibilities. All of them inherent in the fictional version of the story (as told by the ladder) by the way.  So as we move toward 2009 and another 365 days to the next Christmas, we will turn our attention to new endeavors that reinforce those qualities.

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gloria abramson
gloria abramson

It's practical, shiny, festive and unique...a great idea. Aladder, Jacob's ladder was mentioned in the Book of Genesis, so a ladder goes back in history from Biblical days.. It was the staiirway to heaven..
Keep it going and good luck with it.