Finally, Springpad has embeddable notebooks

I’ve been a fan of Springpad since they first launched. Enough so to join its board and also to fill in as interim CMO for six months in 2012. I can’t say I was a very good CMO – not a master of growth hacking, which is what startups really need in their marketing mix – but I did push for one feature. Embeddable notebooks.

Everything that Springpad is about – filtering the web, acting on your “springs,”  saving, preserving and presenting content in a form that keeps it persistent rather than lost in the stream – is exemplified when notebooks become embeddable. Now you can post them anywhere, share them on platforms other than Springpad, allow your notebooks to travel across the web.

And if you’re a blogger, publisher, media company – and who isn’t these days – it gets even better. Springpad gives you a means of curating, organizing and sharing content in a more productive way than ever. Letting your readers access it, re-Spring it, copy an entire notebook, or more easily navigate to the original source.

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 10.39.28 AMIf you are a user already, embeds are possible simply by hitting the share button inside a notebook, then grabbing the embed code. Just like a YouTube video. Give it try. Create, curate, publish, distribute.

It will be a great new feature. Love to hear what you think.

Gabriel Woolidge
Gabriel Woolidge

Hello, I have been tirelessly reading every book I can find at my local library to provide insight into the world of creating advertising. In fact, Luke Sullivan's book listed above is what brought me here. You are a god send to an aspiring creative like me. Thanks for dispensing all your wisdom and making a perfect book list. I am currently hoping to arrange an internship at a local ad agency, and all your advice couldn't have come at a better time. Thank you so much. -Gabriel