Creativity in the age of social: the entire presentation

What Is Creative in the Age of Social Media? from Doug Winfield on Vimeo.

My friend Doug Winfield was kind enough (or crazy enough) to actually take my 4As presentation from last week and turn it into something more akin to a video with a lot more motion than what I had in my original. Since a lot of people have asked for a copy of this, and since I hadn’t planned on getting around to this for another a week or so, I’m sharing Doug’s version here. You can hear my Boston accent in all its glory. Enjoy.

And Doug, thanks for putting this together. Also, my sincere appreciation to the many bloggers and Twitter friends who’ve engaged with me, shared their enthusiasm, and willingly joined me in the discussion and exploration around creativity in the age of social media.

You’ll note that it is long, so if you’re Type A like me, jump to the presentation page and you can access slides and links at your own pace.

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Creativity, in the age of social media, is alive and well.

Craft, on the other hand, is dead.