I have become a Possibilian

Eagleson reading at SXSW

Yes, it’s true.  I have become a Possibilian. It seems that in the digital age, if you are an optimist about creating, sharing, innovating, collaborating, it’s the only sensible choice.  Anything and everything is possible.  Of course, it’s also possible that I, we, all of us, are wrong about that. Which is another advantage of […]


Conversation: Why I came to SxSW


I arrived in Austin yesterday around 5:00 pm, checked into my hotel and headed over to the convention center for my badge.  A few people mingled outside the main hall. Carpenters and electricians raced to get displays and rooms ready for this morning. But other than that it was quiet enough to mosey through the […]


Now accepting nominations for the Future of Advertising Award

The future of advertising award

I know, the last thing advertising needs is another award.  And yes, it’s a little pompous to think this blog is entitled to award one. But the above visual seems like too much fun to waste.  So on the eve of SXSW, Creativity_Unbound announces its call for entries for the first quarterly “Future of Advertising […]


My SXSW plans: crowdsourcing, iPad, streaming video

SXSW Plans

As ReadWriteWeb reminded us this morning, SXSW will be overwhelming.  Just scrolling through the schedule, even after you filter and refine, leaves you wondering how to clone yourself or otherwise choose among all the options happening at the exact same time. Granted some of the best learning, interaction and conversation takes place outside the numbered […]


Content without walls: what comes next

Content without walls

In an industry that loves buzzwords and handles, this is the new one for 2010: content without walls. It’s a fancy (or succinct) way of saying that your brand needs to live wherever and whenever a consumer wants or needs access to information or entertainment. After all, our media habits have become increasingly complex. We […]