Can competing panelists make panels less boring?

Mike Proulx, Margot Bloomstein, Drake Pusey, me and Eric Leist

More often than not, panel presentations disappoint. The panelists haven’t prepared. The moderator can’t maintain control. The answers come off as too repetitive. But last night I participated in a different kind of panel. A competitive faceoff in which panelists competed to remain on stage and the audience decided who offered the most useful content. […]


The joy of teaching

This video showed up unexpectedly in my email today, courtesy of the talented Nicholas Todd who produces content for Boulder Digital Works. It was perfect timing. Right now I’m in the midst of planning BDW’s August sessions, and to be honest, having a bit of a hard time getting pumped up to do one of […]


Building social brand value

Social brand value results in willingness to pay a higher price for a product or service

This week’s Fast Company has a pretty good piece on what does and doesn’t work in social media. The question they ask is: how do you build social brand value? We should probably start with a different question: what is social brand value? In the past, almost all of a brand’s value derived from the […]