TV advertising is back, thanks to social media

superbowl tweet

It was only a year or two ago when TV advertising was on its way out, or at least down. DVRs, the web and new distractions such as Facebook were going to make old- fashioned advertising less relevant. Well guess what? It’s just the opposite.  As media gets more and more fragmented, TV remains the […]


I bought a shirt on Twitter


I’m standing at the counter in Nordstrom’s when my iPhone beeps. The person ringing (do we even say that anymore) up my purchase says, “Hey, you got an iPhone?  I got an iPhone. What apps do you use?” Anxious to be on my way and not wanting to get all that conversational I answer, “Mostly […]


Happy Birthday, Twitter


It’s hard to believe that it was only five years ago today that Twitter went live with Jack Dorsey’s “inviting co-workers.” In that brief time not only has Twitter grown in leaps and bounds — 140 million tweets a day, up from 50 million a year ago — it’s changed the entire media landscape. Today, […]


Another look at the AdWeek Twitter 25

What percent of followers have listed you may indicate how much they value the content you share

So, does @bigspaceship have more Twitter influence than @rga? Do @luckthelady’s followers eagerly await her Tweets more than @lenkendall’s followers anticipate his? These are pressing questions. As you probably know by now, AdWeek’s Brian Morrissey curates a constantly changing list of the “most interesting” ad industry voices on Twitter. (Disclosure, I’ve been on it since […]