Instagram leverages an illusion of creativity

Ordinary photos on the left; arted up with Instagram on the right

By now the rapid ascent of Instagram is familiar to everyone: from zero to one million users in three months; from one to two million in another six weeks. I signed up when it first came out but didn’t use it much as none of my social friends were there yet. Now it seems everyone’s […]


Assignment: Make America passionate about innovation

It's been a while since the innovation was a national focus

Next month I have the honor of heading off to the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication where I’ve been invited to be an executive in residence.  During my three days in Eugene, I’ll give a keynote, meet with faculty, work with students in a few classes and perhaps participate in a TedX […]


The momentum of mobile

Within two years 50 percent of American employees will work remotely or via mobile. Wireless will be soon the dominant channel for tracking investments and conducting online trades Mobile advertising will grow 50 percent in 2011 to over $1 billion 4G will put all of our vending machines and appliances online Application developers are thrilled […]


Prediction for 2011 and beyond: marketing will be even more important in the future

Marketing and advertising is safe if the world needs to sell this stuff

It’s the time of year when everyone is writing predictions for 2011. Boring. Every one will say the same thing. Mobile will be the first screen, location-based will get even bigger, Pads will replace laptops, game dynamics will be the newest influence technique, retail will go all social on us, the Internet of everything will […]


Start-ups teach us to build stuff first, learn second

A conversation with Tim Malbon of Made by Many about working lean It’s one thing to be agile. It’s another thing entirely to be lean. But if you’ve ever worked with a start-up company, you know two things. You don’t have very many resources and you want to do things quickly in order to learn […]