So this is how Tumblr and Yahoo will make money

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 6.18.48 PM

A week ago the pundits were quick to suggest that Yahoo’s purchase of Tumblr was little more than a Hail Mary. How can a company dependent on a dying model (display advertising) and an aging user base stay relevant in the age of social media? Buy a company that his millions of users but not […]


Getty Museum being social with ideas that engage

The Getty gets social with Vermeer's Lady in Blue.

We invent hashtags, issue images in hopes of getting re-tweeted, ask tiresome questions of our Facebook fans and we think we’re being social. We share clever semi-contextual ads on our Twitter stream and because we’re doing it in real time we think we’re being social. We stick a QR code on an ad or a […]


Sandy shows the power of social media as a news source

Instagram let us filter storm photos by location.

If your media habits are at all like mine, you got as much if not more of your news about Sandy yesterday from social media. Not only did the hashtag #Sandy dominate Twitter, providing an endless stream of updates from both media properties and individuals, Twitter itself created a page to serve as a content […]