Connect Google + and Instagram in six easy steps

Use Picasa 3 app, not

It’s only a matter of time before Instagram has a button that lets you post Instagram images to Google + in addition to Twitter, Flickr, Posterous and Facebook.  Or before Google makes it easier somehow. In fact, for all I know there’s already a turnkey solution that I haven’t seen. In the meantime I came […]


What’s your Instagram hashtag?

Screen shot 2011-06-24 at 8.01.06 PM

At Mullen, we’ve learned that one of the simplest ways to get your company to behave more socially, to think about creating on all of the new platforms and to generate experimental ideas for clients, who are always interested in what they should do or try or play with in the increasingly cluttered sandbox of […]


Instagram leverages an illusion of creativity

Ordinary photos on the left; arted up with Instagram on the right

By now the rapid ascent of Instagram is familiar to everyone: from zero to one million users in three months; from one to two million in another six weeks. I signed up when it first came out but didn’t use it much as none of my social friends were there yet. Now it seems everyone’s […]


10 steps to launching a new product using social media


Recently Mullen had a wonderful experience working with Olympus to launch its new E-P1, the world’s smallest interchangeable lens camera.  This beautifully designed camera shoots great stills and HD video.  As a content creating machine, it seemed the perfect product to bring to life in the social media space.  After all, aren’t YouTube, Flickr and […]