10 reasons to keep on blogging


Do we still need to blog? We have Twitter and Facebook where we can publish, connect, engage and debate with an update and a like button. Foursquare and Plancast let us inform the world of our whereabouts and our gonna be’s. Posterous and Tumblr give us the option to lifestream in a freestyle way. All […]


The New Yorker and Gary Vaynerchuk

Send Gary an email and get this video in response

Gary Vaynerchuk has made it big in social media, the news media, and now the cultural media.  This week the New Yorker, of all magazines, published a piece about the wine guy in its Talk of the Town.  In its inimitable tongue-in-cheek manner, as the magazine is prone to do, it bestowed both praise and […]


Tufts brings video to the college application

I’m not sure what’s more interesting, the fact that the first college to encourage personal videos as part of the application process was Tufts University, a liberal arts college just outside of Boston, or that more than 1000 applicants responded to the optional request. The former shows just how mainstream content creation has become and […]


We’re screwed, but at least we can do something about it

Irony of ironies.  We are in the midst of the digital age, yet books about it are more popular than ever. Want the big picture scenario?  Read Bob Garfield’s Chaos Scenario. It’s filled with doom and gloom if you’re an old media type and validation of your imminent dominance if you’re a new media type. […]


How to prevent the pitiful panel


One guy in the audience fell asleep. Fell asleep! He gave up half his morning to attend a panel that was supposed to make him smarter and he fell asleep.  During the Q&A section, another person in the audience asked a question. The eager expression on his face quickly turned to dumbfounded as one panelist […]