Let’s all report drivers who text

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They’re everywhere. Behind you. Next to you. In front of you. You can see their heads as they bob up and down. Up for a moment, back toward their lap. Up down. Up down. In rush hour traffic they’re the ones who get caught off guard when it’s time to start moving again. Or who […]


Google (and Mullen) encourage agencies to “go mobile.”

Utility over messages; one great example is University of Alabama's mobile site

I just got back from my first trip to Mobile, Alabama. For most people an inaugural visit to the original home of Mardi Gras would be to hear some really good Dixie Land Jazz. And while I did get in some of that, the purpose in this case was to help Google get all, or […]


10 ways to get your agency more mobile

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There is no shortage of facts, figures, stats and predictions on the proliferation of mobile and the market penetration of smart phones. Apparently you can make a pretty good living issuing research reports about how many people now have smartphones and what they’re using them for. (Hint: That would be everyone and everything.) You can […]