Questions for a panel on the evolution of marketing


Most ad agencies, were they to launch tomorrow, would never build the same models they currently operate under. But legacy systems resist change. They have to change to survive, but….processes, briefs, department organizations, job definition, talent, etc. will all have to morph significantly. Why is change so hard, even among those who know they have to?


A brand can own any idea, but can it live up to the ideal?

Any brand could have used the line. But could it have lived up to the ideal?

I wonder if when a client rejects an idea for not being ownable they’re really saying something else. They’re suggesting that an agency hasn’t figured out the very best way to express their true essence. What they are. What they stand for. What they believe. What matters most to their consumer and community.


So this is how Tumblr and Yahoo will make money

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 6.18.48 PM

A week ago the pundits were quick to suggest that Yahoo’s purchase of Tumblr was little more than a Hail Mary. How can a company dependent on a dying model (display advertising) and an aging user base stay relevant in the age of social media? Buy a company that his millions of users but not […]


Are marketers really going soft?

Al Ries argues the famous Apple campaign was a failure and too soft.

I don’t usually respond to articles in the trades, nor do I get into ranting, but I must say that Mr. Al Ries’s latest Ad Age column offers some pretty weak arguments in favor of hard sell vs soft sell. For starters he confuses taglines with marketing. Taglines are simply expressions of a brand’s behaviors […]