A conversation about teaching creativity and advertising with VCU, Hyper Island and the 4As

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What do we teach? Art and copy? Strategy? Problem solving? Visual communication? Or coding and technical skills? And how do we prepare the next generation in a way that will both serve them and the industry they are about to enter.

I invited Helayne Spivak, executive director of the VCU Brand Center; Tim Leake, chief of growth and innovation at RPA and also a long-time master lecturer at Hyper Island; and Chick Foxgrover, the chief digital officer at the 4As, responsible for many of its forward thinking training programs to weigh in on a Branch conversation.


Strategists and creatives have to change their shape from T to square

Undercurrent's Mike Arauz suggests we evolve, yet again.

If you work at the intersection of people, business and technology — I think that would include all of us — you may want to become what Mike Arauz call square-shaped. And simply know everything there is to know about everything.