The best creative idea of the year?

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There will be no shortage of great ideas vying for attention at this month’s Cannes Creativity Festival. But I’l be rooting for one in particular. Forsman & Bodenfors’ energy saving experiment for E.ON. The campaign has made more than one list of Cannes favorites and has already picked up a gold pencil at One Show. So […]


So this is how Tumblr and Yahoo will make money

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A week ago the pundits were quick to suggest that Yahoo’s purchase of Tumblr was little more than a Hail Mary. How can a company dependent on a dying model (display advertising) and an aging user base stay relevant in the age of social media? Buy a company that his millions of users but not […]


Five important soundbites from SxSW


Eventually there will be some very impressive data visualizations of SxSW. How many people, how many sessions, how many beers consumed, how many hangovers. Until then you can check out Mashable’s SxSW by the numbers. Or poke around SxSWs’s press room. But to be honest, I’m less interested in how much there is to pore […]