Creativity is the new currency

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Everyone’s creative. At least until they have it beaten out of them by education, rules, a pressure to succeed and the risk averse nature of too many businesses. The good news is that we’re seeing the emergence of micro industry destined to help business see the light. It started with Sir Ken Robinson’s famed Ted Talk, was fueled by Steven Johnson’s Where Good Ideas Come From, and, is now gaining real momentum with an onslaught of books and articles.


Rejected by the PR industry for being an ad guy

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UPDATE: About an hour after this post, and over 600 shares later, I received a request to chat from the Council of PR Firms. They were apologetic, engaging and open-minded. In fact, we are in agreement on a number of points mentioned below. And while it was not my objective to get re-invited, it became […]


The best creative idea of the year?

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There will be no shortage of great ideas vying for attention at this month’s Cannes Creativity Festival. But I’l be rooting for one in particular. Forsman & Bodenfors’ energy saving experiment for E.ON. The campaign has made more than one list of Cannes favorites and has already picked up a gold pencil at One Show. So […]