Could Don Draper get a job in 2013?


This post was written for Medium and took off pretty quickly, making it to the platform’s most recommended page and editor’s picks in the first 24 hours. Thought I would share it here, too. Was written as an introduction to a book that I’ve been to lazy to make much progress on. But if the […]


Five career tips for recent graduates

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 6.36.38 PM

I get it. You’re anxious. A bit stressed. One life stage comes crashing to an end and a new, unfamiliar one is about to begin. Your parents are tired of footing the bill. College loan payments loom just over the horizon. The job market remains iffy. And yes, your portfolio, resume and cover letter all […]


One skill is no longer enough

TourBus, created by Sam Mullins, an art director at Mullen

Should a copywriter know how to launch and execute a social media campaign? Is it necessary for an art director to be able to program a Maker Bot? Do you think a planner needs enough knowledge of Final Cut Pro to edit her own videos? A few years ago the answer to all of these […]