Creativity is the new currency

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Everyone’s creative. At least until they have it beaten out of them by education, rules, a pressure to succeed and the risk averse nature of too many businesses. The good news is that we’re seeing the emergence of micro industry destined to help business see the light. It started with Sir Ken Robinson’s famed Ted Talk, was fueled by Steven Johnson’s Where Good Ideas Come From, and, is now gaining real momentum with an onslaught of books and articles.


Building a culture of experimentation and creativity in the social media age

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Recently IBM asked me to participate in a series of interviews for their Think Marketing Program.  I was in pretty good company:  Twitter co-founder Biz Stone; Harvard Business School CMO Brian Kenney; Zappos’ Tony Hsieh; and Zillow’s CMO Amy Bohutinsky, among others, all contributed.  The interviews were conducted by former Wired and Fortune reporter Jeffrey […]


Thoughts from a 3 Percent Conference: we need clients to demand more women on their business


Only three percent of advertising creative directors are women. Who’ll solve this problem? Women? Men? Agency management? I think we need the clients. I was thrilled to see a huge a turnout last night — albeit mostly women — for the Boston version of Kat Gordon’s 3% Conference.  It goes without saying that if only […]