Advice to a first time creative director

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We’ve all heard it. “That’s just not doing it for me.” What kind of feedback is that? Any CD can say that. It’s meaningless. A good CD gives feedback that’s useful. Why exactly isn’t it working? Is there a kernel of a good idea in there? If so, find it. If not, suggest angles and directions so the team knows where to go. Making them play a guessing game is the worst thing a CD can ever do.


Talent imitates, genius steals. And then it remixes.

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Today creativity is money. Survey after survey declares it is the most sought after management trait. Academic research suggests techniques for getting more creative. The topic dominates conferences from TED to SxSW. Startups now need a designer among the founders. Creativity is no longer relegated to the wings. It’s center stage.


Creativity for the digital age in six minutes

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Creativity is something I think about a lot in a never ending attempt to inspire students who are eager to pursue careers in advertising, public relations and media. But we all know that you learn and improve by doing, not be listening or sitting through a deck. Nevertheless, I gave it a shot for a six minute talk on this all important subject.