Apple’s advertising problems may not be with its ad agency

Apple's new spots, done in house, are beautiful, but generic.

For three decades Apple was the disruptor, the challenger, the instigator. It had an enemy that could be easily defined and portrayed. It had magical new products that delighted us with capabilities we’d never seen before. It had clear brand archetypes –it was the outlaw in its advertising and the magician in its products — both personified by Steve Jobs. And it had a great ad agency.


Questions for a panel on the evolution of marketing


Most ad agencies, were they to launch tomorrow, would never build the same models they currently operate under. But legacy systems resist change. They have to change to survive, but….processes, briefs, department organizations, job definition, talent, etc. will all have to morph significantly. Why is change so hard, even among those who know they have to?


Can a table kill creativity and collaboration?


Getting agencies and creative departments to work faster, leaner and more iterative — all requirements for success in the digital age — is among the greatest challenges facing the advertising industry. It will never be achieved with management mandates or internal emails. It calls for different briefs, different talent, different teams and an entirely different mindset. And fewer tables.