Can we all stop agreeing with each other and have some arguments please?


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One thing I notice an awful lot of are comments on blogs that start, “Great post,” or “I couldn’t agree more.”  Rarely do I see “What are you out of your mind?”  Or “Are you on crack?”  Yet I wonder if instead of simply echoing each other’s sentiments about the awesomeness of community or the transformational power of social media, or the lack of vision of those who’ve yet to embrace Twitter, we should have a few more disagreements.

Let’s debate whether or not Twitter actually will extend its value from the core user community to have a long term impact on individuals and marketers.  Let’s disagree about whether social media is replacing true human contact.  Maybe we can get really opinionated and insist that despite the community’s desire to participate in creating advertising that crowdsourcing is a terrible idea if we value quality creative and craftsmanship.  Better yet we can even have an argument over what we should argue about.

Everyone agrees with Chris Brogan. At least most of the time.  (Usually I do, too.)  And with Seth Simonds. And with David Armano. And with Amber Naslund. I’m noticing that people are more often than not agreeing with me.  Which is the last thing I’m looking for.

It seems to be a blog thing, especially a social media blog thing.  It’s far less common on news and editorial sites. When I wrote an article for AdWeek last April, lots of people disagreed with me.  I loved that.  It made for interesting debate and conversation and I even got a post out of it.

Maybe we simply need to write more challenging posts and take more controversial positions.  Or perhaps we should all go and read people with whom we disagree instead of those who already reinforce our positions.

Am I the only one? Are we all just a little to considerate out here?  What do you think?  Agree?  Or disagree?