A favorite Super Bowl ad that never ran.

A conversation I had with my daughter when she was seven. “I have an idea for a commercial,” said Huan. “Tell me,” I responded. So she did. “Mom’s carrying the groceries into the house. While she’s holding a bag with one hand and trying to unlock the door with another, a ripe red strawberry tumbles out of the top of the bag, bounces over the back porch steps and rolls down the driveway. It picks up speed, going faster and faster. Then it rolls right into the middle of the street. And, are you listening?” “Yes.” “Just as it comes to a stop in the middle of the road, a car runs over it and it gets totally smushed.” (I envision the strawberry as an oversized red cartoon-like pancake lying helplessly in the middle of the road.) “What do you think?” she asks. “I like it, what’s it a commercial for?” “I don’t know, can’t you think of something?” “How about it’s for my client Stop and Shop and there’s a message at the end that says “Don’t worry, we have more. Strawberries in season at Stop and Shop.” “That’s good,” she says. “Can you sell it to them?” “Sure.” “Can it be on the SuperBowl?” “Don’t see why not.” You gotta love concepting with a seven year old.

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OMG that is the cutest story. We should totally be hiring children.