Everything a brand needs to know, be and do in a few sentences

  Sir John Hegarty, founder of of BBH, arguably among the world’s best advertising agencies, is the guest speaker at next month’s Most Contagious conference in London. Lucky you if you get to go. I’ve trimmed a seven-minute video promoting the event (I am assuming Contagious won’t mind; after all their name implies they want […]


Arduinos, MakerBots and physical computing now in the creative department


I remember the days when you walked through the creative department and the tools of the trade consisted of drafting tables, layout pads and Prismacolor markers. Yeah, I know, I’m giving away my age. Then came laptops and Adobe’s Creative Suite. But now things are getting really weird, or interesting, or cool. Depending on your […]


Doers Makers Innovators: A new speaker series

Gareth sporting Terrier red.

One of the cool things about academia — believe me there is no shortage of frustrations, too — is the amazing amount of freedom you have. Not only in the classroom but also in programs you want to initiate. So I’m pretty excited that in my first full semester at BU’s College of Communication, I’ve […]