Can competing panelists make panels less boring?

Mike Proulx, Margot Bloomstein, Drake Pusey, me and Eric Leist

More often than not, panel presentations disappoint. The panelists haven’t prepared. The moderator can’t maintain control. The answers come off as too repetitive. But last night I participated in a different kind of panel. A competitive faceoff in which panelists competed to remain on stage and the audience decided who offered the most useful content. […]


One skill is no longer enough

TourBus, created by Sam Mullins, an art director at Mullen

Should a copywriter know how to launch and execute a social media campaign? Is it necessary for an art director to be able to program a Maker Bot? Do you think a planner needs enough knowledge of Final Cut Pro to edit her own videos? A few years ago the answer to all of these […]


A Lecture on Fundamentals of Creative Development

BU Room Swap began as an idea submitted for an assignment in Strategic Creative Development

Fundamentals of Creative Development: An Introductory Lecture from edward boches Thought I’d share a lecture I used to in my first week of teaching Fundamentals of Creative Development at Boston University’s College of Communication. If you are an advertising student or professor you might find it useful. Some background. As many of you know, I’ve […]


Seven tips for being social and doing it at scale

Social at scale poses the challenge of engaging one at a time with individuals in large communities.

We have pages on Facebook to gather fans. Twitter feeds to share content. YouTube channels to post training videos. Pinterest boards for pretty pictures of our products. And if we believe in listening, we’ve built command centers to monitor social conversations. We have dashboards and spreadsheets to track and count fans, followers, likes, re-tweets and […]