The ad industry should be clever enough to make all internships paid


In the last few weeks I’ve received more than a few emails from students asking if they should take unpaid internships for the summer. It’s a tough question. I’m inclined to suggest they refuse on principle — the practice is certainly unethical and may even be illegal – but if the only other option is […]


An advertising planner takes a road trip to find out if the American Dream is dead or alive


I suppose one could argue that given the current economy, the diminished value of most homes, miserably low interest rates and an unreliable stock market, the American Dream is on life support at best. Add to that the high price of college education, the lack of jobs awaiting recent graduates, and the nagging sense that […]


Don Draper exhibits a creative director’s worst qualities

Don leaves his copywriter's boards in the back of the cab and presents his own idea instead

Anyone who’s been watching MadMen Season 5 can’t help but notice the deterioration of Don Draper’s creative skills. He hasn’t had a good idea in a year. The brilliance once demonstrated in the Kodak Carousel pitch have blurred into distant memory. And as he sits in his office noting that the agency’s latest reprints (remember reprints, […]


My chapter in Advertisers at Work

Professor Tracy Tuten's new book, "Advertisers at Work"

Any day now, Professor Tracy Tuten’s new book, Advertisers at Work  should be released. Tracy conducted interviews with a host of professionals in the business, among them Mike Hughes, president of the Martin Agency; Luke Sullivan, chair of the advertising department at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD); Susan Credle, chief creative officer of […]