What the big boys could learn from the startups

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Maybe it’s because they’re fighting to survive. Perhaps it’s because they don’t yet have millions of customers. Or it might be that it’s actually part of their culture. But if there’s one thing that separates startups from established companies, at least in my experience, it’s customer service, personal attention and real time response. Last night […]


The real lessons we need to learn from Project Re-Brief

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By now everyone has seen or at least heard of Google’s Project Re-Brief. In order to showcase the potential of online advertising – after 18 years we ought to be able to do something better than the ubiquitous banner ad – Google had the brilliant idea of re-creating some of the advertising industry’s most famous […]


SxSW Panel: Harvesting Consumer Intent from the Social Web

Harvesting Consumer Intent from the Social Web View more presentations from edward boches To those of you who made it to our over-subscribed SxSW panel, thanks for showing up, for engaging and for expressing so much support. To those of you who got shut out, please accept our apologies. Apparently SxSW did not anticipate the […]


Why SxSW is awesome from the moment you arrive


It’s not the weather, that’s for sure. It’s 40 degrees and pouring out today. There’s a line for umbrellas and people are paying exorbitant prices for rain jackets in hotel gift shops. Oh well. I’ve been here a day and half so far, and have only started to make my schedule, but have already had […]


The interest graph and marketing to consumer aspirations

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“I strongly believe that consumption is less about reflecting who we are–even though that’s clearly a fundamental dimension of it–as much as it’s about who we wish to be.” That quote comes from Paul Mullins, a professor at Indiana University-Purdue University and president of the Society for Historical Archaeology.  Professor Mullins new book, The Archaeology […]