The paper clip: a creative exercise


Ingredients One paper clip, 25 minutes, your imagination. Assignment Generate at least 25 great creative ideas to promote the utility and versatility of the paper clip.  (After all, it is an under appreciated occupant of supply closets everywhere.) Process Work in teams of five, but for the first five minutes no talking allowed. Each team […]


David Armano and I talk about innovation

Last October, David Armano, SVP/Innovation Chief at Edelman and I spoke at MIMA’s annual summit, a pretty terrific annual conference in Minneapolis. We agreed that we would not use decks, and instead that we would simply talk about our experiences trying to inspire others to embrace new ideas and technologies. Our premise was that you […]


The interest graph is coming. Eight ways to get ready.

Screen Shot 2012-02-15 at 7.35.39 PM

Social networks like Facebook start with your friends and let you see what you have in common.  Interest graph-based models – Springpad, Pinterest, Get Glue – start with your interests and then let you make connections. It’s less about who you know and more about what you care about. If you happen to have your […]


The less money you have, the more creative you can be

My favorite slide from Daniel Stein's #BUSCD presentation

Daniel Stein, CEO of EVB, shared that thought last night with #BUSCD, the class I teach at Boston University. Arguable, certainly. But as Daniel put it, “Give an agency $200,000 and they will come up with endless creative ideas. Give them $20 million and you get a TV campaign. Give them $200 million and you […]


Entertainment, utility and the interest graph are the solution to marketing challenges

E-Marketers worries that too many screens and distractions fragment our attention

I had an interesting interview yesterday with E-Marketer. They’re working on a project to explore the implications of too many screens and too little attention. It appears that consumers these days are flipping through digital pages on their iPad or fiddling with an app on their smartphone when they’re supposed to be paying attention to […]