Seven observations on the 2012 Super Bowl ads

Honda emailed all of its customers a link to their new spot.

You’re probably thinking, oh great, another Superbowl blog post. I know that’s what I’m thinking whether I’m reading one or writing one. But there are some interesting developments worth noting. Given the cost of advertising on the game, the pressure to run a memorable spot and the vocal participation of viewers on Twitter, Facebook and […]


A brief history of advertising


Welcome to Strategic Creative Development View more presentations from edward boches Thought I’d share a deck I recently used to kick off Strategic Creative Development, a class I’m teaching this semester at Boston University’s College of Communication. The premise behind the syllabus is simple: advertising is no longer about making ads. At least not all […]


Brandbowl is back with new features

Brandbowl is back with more features than ever

It’s that time of year again. The online Superbowl party that Mullen started three years ago to celebrate the age of Twitter is well into development. If you remember, we began our annual project when there weren’t very many ad types on Twitter. In 2009, most of the industry was still like “huh?” A few of […]


Can advertising really help Bank of America?

Bank of America's San Francisco ATMs get a cosmetic makeover

The bank we love to hate is looking for a new advertising agency. While still the second largest bank in America – JP Morgan recently snuck past BofA in assets, $2.289 trillion to $2.219 trillion – Bank of America’s stock – both on Wall Street and on Main Street has plummeted. It’s share price toppled […]