10 ways to get your agency more mobile

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There is no shortage of facts, figures, stats and predictions on the proliferation of mobile and the market penetration of smart phones. Apparently you can make a pretty good living issuing research reports about how many people now have smartphones and what they’re using them for. (Hint: That would be everyone and everything.) You can […]


Sharing my S.I. Newhouse Talk

The First Amendment, printed in its entirety on the SI Newhouse 3 Building at Syracuse University

The good folks at Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication were kind enough to invite me to speak there this week as part of their Global Leaders in Digital and Social Media Speaker Series. The experience was awesome. I had the chance to visit and present in two classes – Dr. Bill Ward’s […]


Can mandatory social media service save America?


America has lots of problems: unemployment, poverty, obesity, urban violence. But there’s actually a more pressing problem. It’s the “us versus them” mindset that permeates our country and our politics. Our communities of concern have become too narrow Before the Occupy Movement even launched, I heard Robert Reich speak at Google’s Zeitgeist 11 Conference. In a […]


The twenty-somethings are here; get out of the way


“So you have a college class visiting you today?” The comment came from one of the 10 small agency CEOs visiting Mullen last week as part of a 4As tour. He watched as 20 or so twenty-somethings filed past to take over the conference room where we’d just met. “What are you talking about?” I […]


Livefyre adds social sync; good news for bloggers and media sites

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When this post is finished I’ll share a link to it on Twitter. That’s a pretty common tactic used by most bloggers, journalists, and media properties. In some cases it leads to more traffic, more sharing, reader comments and conversation.  All of which is good for content generators as it drives engagement, inbound links and, […]