My favorite talks from Zeitgeist 11

I feel very fortunate to be among the 400 people invited to attend Google’s Zeitgeist 11.  So many great talks and genuinely inspiring ideas. Here are a few of my favorites. The brilliant Robert Reich on us and them. He talks about why we can’t (or won’t) solve unemployment or address poverty among families with […]


Answers from your friends in advertising and digital

A month ago I crowdsourced questions here and on Twitter for the instructors at BDW’s Making Digital Work workshop. We settled on five. How do we get clients to embrace more innovative work? What can we learn from software startups? Do agencies have a role in social media? How do we stop the talent drain? […]


Inspiration from Google Zeitgeist 11


Imagine being hooked up to an IV bag.  Only instead of saline it’s filled with a high concentration of inspiration.  And instead of the bag being set on a slow drip, it’s turned all the way to the right, to “fire hose.”  That was Google Zeitgeist 11. Themed Each of us, all of us, it […]


How an ad agency evolves in the digital age

Advertising Evolves, So Should You, V2 View more presentations from edward boches The good folks of Cleveland’s advertising community recently invited me to keynote at an AAF event there. Cleveland is a pretty nice city and to my surprise is a foodie town — it’s the home of Eric Williams – and even the some […]


Great questions for the advertising industry: part two


I was recently asked eight good questions for an upcoming advertising and innovation conference. I shared the first four in a previous post covering upcoming trends, creating value, organizational dynamics and future sources of revenue.  Here are the second four questions and some thoughts regarding agency differentiation, leadership, winning and anticipating the future. Note that […]