Waders Wage War, a sonnet

craig dilger for NY Times

Thought I’d share this fun sonnet that my wife Barbara just wrote in response to the “shortage” of feathers for fly fishermen. As you may know from pieces in the NY Times, the Huffington Post, or simply from a visit to your salon, it’s the latest hair fashion trend. Something a little different here for […]


What’s your Instagram hashtag?

Screen shot 2011-06-24 at 8.01.06 PM

At Mullen, we’ve learned that one of the simplest ways to get your company to behave more socially, to think about creating on all of the new platforms and to generate experimental ideas for clients, who are always interested in what they should do or try or play with in the increasingly cluttered sandbox of […]


What ad agencies could learn from IDEO


I had the privilege of spending this afternoon at IDEO’s Cambridge office, just up the street from MIT.  A few of my Mullen colleagues and I got the full  IDEO treatment – an overview of their beliefs, a tour of the offices (team rooms, 3-D printers, proto-type lab) and attendance at afternoon tea, where a […]


Summer starts today. Time to get offline.


I was informed last week by my good friend Tim Malbon – creator, blogger, Twitterer, Instagrammer, BDW instructor – that we had to complete an online conversation quickly as he was going offline for two straight weeks during a holiday in France. Well it turns out that was a slight exaggeration. He’ll actually need Wifi […]


We First: marketing social change

The opening line of We First

When you write a blog, you get sent a fair number of books to read and review. Some you get around to, some you don’t. This month, as part of marketing blitz from Simon Mainwaring and company, I received a copy of We First along with a number of emails asking me to post and […]