Where are the women?


Last fall I sat on a panel at a 4As conference on transformation. Despite a woman as moderator, my fellow panelists were all white men. Last month at the Mirren conference in New York, I joined an innovation panel. Once again, the panel had a woman moderator but four male participants. At Colorado University, speaking […]


Everything is social so now what?

TV is social. Ironic given that social media and digital distractions were supposed to kill TV. Instead, as Fast Company tells us, appointment viewing is back. Why? So we can tweet with our friends while we watch. Advertising is social. On YouTube we seek out stuff to watch, comment on and pass along. On other […]


An ad agency gets into the software business


When you’re in the service business, the client and his demands have to take priority. Which means it’s hard as hell to free up resources to invent something for yourself, whether a platform, app, piece of software or the next Groupon. Even if you have an idea, assemble a team, and start to work, you’re […]


The most important job in advertising

From Scott Prindle's BDW talk on creative technologists and their role inside ad agencies

Some would say it’s the creative director. Others might argue the mantle belongs to the lead strategist. A few might even proffer we should give the label to the head of business development. No doubt those are all incredibly valuable roles, making the work, shaping the idea, attracting new clients. I’m going out on a […]


Innovation calls for face to face contact

Research strongly suggests that physical proximity in cities contributes to innovation and creativity

We generate ideas and campaigns by crowdsourcing via the web. We discover, “borrow” and mash-up content and perspectives from places like SlideShare. We build communities of collaborators, or at least sources of content, via Twitter and Skype. But if you project the findings from a recent proximity study conducted by Harvard and the Boston medical […]