I bought a shirt on Twitter


I’m standing at the counter in Nordstrom’s when my iPhone beeps. The person ringing (do we even say that anymore) up my purchase says, “Hey, you got an iPhone?  I got an iPhone. What apps do you use?” Anxious to be on my way and not wanting to get all that conversational I answer, “Mostly […]


Control in an age of collaboration: or it’s good to be Ricky Gervais


I had a great conversation with a client today who willingly agreed to undertake the development of a new digital platform without knowing what it would be. (She knows what she wants to accomplish, but not how to get there.) So we’re hoping to embark on a truly iterative journey: get our initial strategy, early […]


Happy Birthday, Twitter


It’s hard to believe that it was only five years ago today that Twitter went live with Jack Dorsey’s “inviting co-workers.” In that brief time not only has Twitter grown in leaps and bounds — 140 million tweets a day, up from 50 million a year ago — it’s changed the entire media landscape. Today, […]


Why do marketers and advertisers hate themselves?

By now you may have seen this video from PHD, an Omnicom Media Group company. Apparently it was made for a conference to “stimulate discussion within the industry.” Wow. Is it possible that there is an industry conference in our industry where people don’t already know that the world of media has changed, that we […]


Learn something new every day

red stats

People keep asking me what my one takeaway is from time spent in Austin. I imagine they’re looking for some golden nugget of information that I may have gleaned from the conference — something to enlighten us all. But there really isn’t one. Unless it’s this: learn something new every day. Preferably about a subject […]