Instagram leverages an illusion of creativity

Ordinary photos on the left; arted up with Instagram on the right

By now the rapid ascent of Instagram is familiar to everyone: from zero to one million users in three months; from one to two million in another six weeks. I signed up when it first came out but didn’t use it much as none of my social friends were there yet. Now it seems everyone’s […]


Five ways college students can jumpstart the job search

Must have been talking about how to find a job. Otherwise no one would be this attentive. (photo by Jack Liu)

Based on my recent time at the University of Oregon and my current email stream, it’s the time of year when college seniors only have one thing on their minds. Finding a job. It’s no surprise that most kids wait until their final semester to begin a serious search. But waiting that long could be […]


You can’t innovate if you’re focused on the present


Last week Ken Olsen, the brilliant entrepreneur and founder of Digital Equipment Corporation, passed away. He was 84. I had the privilege of meeting him a few times. We were Digital’s ad agency in its declining years. And I started my career working for Data General, another minicomputer giant founded by ex-Digital engineers. Olsen was […]


Presentations from time at the University of Oregon

Thought I’d share some of these here — some content from a keynote, a lecture and a TEDx talk at the University of Oregon. The first deck, The End of Us and Them, is a modified version of a previous presentation I’ve given. It reflects the changing media landscape, from a time when a few […]


My new favorite hashtag: #buildshit

build shit

I return from a week of lecturing, teaching and learning at the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication invigorated and confident about the future.  The students I spent time with already embrace the concept of design thinking. They naturally conceive networked solutions.  They work even more collaboratively than we do in most advertising […]