A conversation with David Haan of the Creative Circus

A couple of months ago David Haan, Executive Director of the Creative Circus, stopped by Mullen to talk about The Creative Circus, new programs offered there, and the changes to both agency recruitment needs and student training. However, I never got around to posting it. It still seems relevant so here it is. As is […]


The 30 percent rule: innovation calls for 20-somethings


Always make sure that 30 percent of the people involved in any strategic decision are under the age of 30. This might be among the smartest things I heard all week. It’s no surprise that when I share the thought with people who are under 30 I get a huge smile and a “fuck yeah,” […]


Three wishes for 2011

wish bone

The Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange has asked a number of Boston-area bloggers and digital leaders to share their predictions for 2011 in a series running on their blog between now and the end of the year. They asked me for mine. However, there are people much more qualified for that task than I. So […]


Digital, social, mobile and the problem with buzzwords

What is digital? The idea, the technology, the interaction, the behavior? Aren't good ideas just good ideas?

BBH Lab’s founder Mel Exon has a great post over on the Labs blog this week, asking do we still need the word digital in our advertising and marketing vocabulary.  Isn’t everything digital? Won’t the use of the word just perpetuate the erroneous labeling of ideas, defining them as either digital or not digital? The […]