Fast Company foresees disaster; Bloomberg Businessweek predicts prosperity

Fast Company vs Bloomberg Businessweek: two perspectives on the state of advertising

When it comes to self-criticism, advertising tends to be an industry that loves exaggeration, speculation and especially self-flagellation. We beat ourselves up – or tolerate being berated by others — on a pretty regular basis.  Among the many predictions we’ve endured in recent years: The end of advertising as we know it; Agencies just don’t […]


New agency models and what we can learn from them


If you could ask John Winsor, Ty Montague or Ian Schafer any question at all, what would it be?  Please leave your questions in the comments below.  Thanks. Next week I get to moderate a panel that includes Ian Schafer, CEO and founder of Deep Focus; John Winsor, CEO and founder of Victors&Spoils; and Ty […]


An encyclopedia founder is coming to our school! Woot!

jimmy wales

If you need evidence that the world has changed a lot since you were in high school, look no further than this quote from Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia. “When I go to speak at a university or high school, it’s completely insane how excited the kids are about Wikipedia,” Wales said. “I remember […]


Will monkeys pay more for sex if the ads are good?


“Oh my God, you won’t believe what I’m working on.  Are you ready for this?” A few nights ago I ran into Jim Amadeo, an old friend and ex-colleague. Always effusive and optimistic, Jim was even more excited than usual about his newest freelance gig. He could hardly contain himself as he proceeded to tell […]